Planning an Intimate Wedding

  Why did we decide to do a small wedding first? As I came into the US on a K1 Fiance Visa, that meant that we needed to marry within 90 days of me arriving in the country. The entire K1 process has an unpredictable timescale which makes it difficult to commit to a date… Continue reading Planning an Intimate Wedding

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Arriving in the US on a K1 Visa: POE JFK

A lot of people are curious (I was also!) as to what actually happens once you get to the US and go through immigration at your chosen Port of Entry (POE) with your K1 Visa. So I thought I'd give you insight into my personal experience at my usual POE airport JFK, NY.  Prior to… Continue reading Arriving in the US on a K1 Visa: POE JFK

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K1 Visa: Full Timeline Overview

Quite a few people have asked me for this, it was originally at the end of my first blog post but thought I'd pull it out onto a separate post so it's easier to find. US date format  01-04-2017 - I-129f sent 01-06-2017 - I-129f received at Dallas, Lockbox 01-09-2017 -USCIS Receive Date 01-16-2017 -NOA1 (SMS… Continue reading K1 Visa: Full Timeline Overview

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Receiving K1 Visa/Passport from US Embassy – London

I thought it would be useful to do a post about this part of the process as I felt there wasn't a lot of information available online surrounding what happens after you've been approved! Tracking on CEAC Website You can continue to track your visa status after the interview on the CEAC website. I'm an… Continue reading Receiving K1 Visa/Passport from US Embassy – London

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K1 Interview Experience – London

Yesterday I finally completed the K1 Visa Process & I'm so happy to say that we got APPROVED! I honestly cannot explain the relief we've felt - my anxiety has honestly been through the roof for the last month waiting for this to come to an end! It was the perfect birthday present and made… Continue reading K1 Interview Experience – London

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K1 Visa – Medical at Knightsbridge (London, UK)

Yesterday I had my long awaited medical appointment at Knightsbridge medical practice in London, UK.  Please Note: There is only one medical practice in the whole of the UK who are authorised to conduct US visa medicals, all of their contact details can be found here. Travelling to London from Scotland I opted to travel… Continue reading K1 Visa – Medical at Knightsbridge (London, UK)

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Visiting the US whilst your K1 Visa is processing…

I'm just back from my last trip as a visitor to the US before I move over in a couple of months! Being able to visit whilst the visa was processing was something that we initially thought wasn't possible and it wasn't until I found this thread on Visa Journey that I realised most people… Continue reading Visiting the US whilst your K1 Visa is processing…

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K1 Visa: I-129f Petition to Embassy (UK Process)

Currently I'm going through the K1 fiancé Visa  process as I'm engaged to an American Citizen and in a few months I'll be making the move from Glasgow in Scotland to New York, USA. We’re just waiting to complete my medical appointment followed by my interview at the US embassy in London, in June! As… Continue reading K1 Visa: I-129f Petition to Embassy (UK Process)