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My name is Yaz (short for Yasmin), I’m 25, I’m an experienced marketing professional and recently turned blogger from Glasgow, Scotland.

I’m in the late stages of immigrating to the USA as I’m getting married to a US citizen! 🙂

Seeing as I’ve always loved writing and have kept a diary for the past 7 years, friends and family have suggested that I start this blog as a way to document the immigration process and my new life in the US so that they can keep them up to date with everything that is happening. So I’ll be writing about the entire K1 visa process, all the way through to moving and getting set up in the US, marriage, the AOS process for your green card, finding a job and a lot of other things along the way!

Another reason for starting this blog, is that I’m hoping I can lend a helping hand to anyone that is in a similar situation. Whether that be someone who is  going through the process currently or at the early stages of reading for more information,  I know when I was researching, I couldn’t find a lot of blogs containing personal experiences, even less from someone specifically from the UK!

One thing I will say from the start, contrary to popular belief the process of immigrating to the US through marriage is not for the faint hearted and it’s not “easy”. It requires a lot of organisation, a decent amount of money and at times can be pretty stressful. However as long as you approach it as a team it’s obviously completely worth it in the end when you get to be together full time!

Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcomed!

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15 thoughts on “Get to know me”

  1. Hi! I’m in the final stages of my K-1 fiance Visa. I attended the Medical at Bentinck Mansions yesterday and got an interview date for the 27th of this month, nervous! Me and my American Fiance went through Rapid Visa who checked over our 1-129F forms and sent them to the Embassy, who received them in February this year, , second notice and approval confirmation letter came last month, exciting! I’m just panicking a little as I want to make sure I know which exact documents they require you to hand over on the day and it was helpful to find someone with a more recent experience as Rapid Visa to be honest, every time I ask them a query about paperwork it is just ”follow the instructions” Urgh! Not too helpful to be honest so panicking a little!


      1. With the Notification of readiness, is that the same as the DS-160 confirmation page? Confuses me as I’ve read other people’s experiences and like you mentioned it is very hard to find ones from the UK and more recent as paperwork changes over time and depends on which way you do it. Do they take the photocopies or originals of documents? I’ve pretty much got statement of intent for me and Matt, copy of 1-129f form that came with the Embassy letter confirming an approved petition so they are attached together along with the confirmation page that shows I paid the fee and arranged courier for my passport. DS-160 confirmation page and Matt’s Affidavit of Support form along with tax records, evidence to show he meets the income requirements and a passport sized visa requirement photo. Hopefully not missing anything! Have gathered chat logs, photos and some phone records as well 🙂 I saw the Embassy yesterday for the first time, security seems quite intimidating!


      2. The notification of readiness form is just what you fill out on the embassy website to let them know you’ve completed all the steps before booking your interview! So yes , it’s different from your DS-160 – as thats your actual application form for the Visa itself 🙂 They only took the originals, they took their own copies and then gave me them back. They probably wont ask for any relationship evidence, but take it if it makes you feel better. Police certificate as well and it sounds like you’re all organised. It looks scary from the outside, but everyone is really nice – don’t worry and Good Luck! 🙂


  2. Ah ok, I have an account on there but all I printed from there is the confirmation I paid the Embassy fee and the courier service arranged, like the last page to confirm I printed.


  3. I looked through on your blog, I submitted that about a week or two ago 🙂 I took a print screen of the thank you for submitting page 🙂


  4. If I print that screenshot off because I didn’t receive anything on email or anything like that then still shows I done it. I completed it on the 3rd of July! Crazy how it is already the end of the process, we started it in February. I definitely will do 😀 just another week and a half of work then I’ll be back in London


    1. You don’t need to print anything. You just need to have completed it :). It wouldn’t of let you book your interview if you hadn’t I believe! ☺️ Yeah I know the feeling – I’m moving in 4 weeks!! Crazy!!


      1. I should be getting my documents organised this week in a folder. Anxious for this week to be over with as it’s all I can think about constantly is how the interview will go! When the consular asked you where Anthony is right now did they mean literally what he was doing or where he was? Quite a random question. I’m hoping if everything goes well I’m looking to move next month 🙂


      2. Yeah I know the feeling, you wont know what to do with yourself when you’ve got nothing to worry about anymore! I’m not sure but I answered ‘At work’ & the town and state his work is in and they were quite happy with that! The questions were very straight forward!


  5. Yeah I was thinking that could mean two things but Matt will be at work around the time my appointment is anyway 🙂 I got Matt’s pay stubs, a letter from his boss to confirm he works with them and the Affidavit of support form and tax returns. My Embassy letter was attached to a copy of the original form sent off to the Embassy from Rapid Visa but I’ve kept it attached and have a photocopy as I’m guessing they would just remove it if they just need that front page wouldn’t they? I’m looking forward for it all to be over but we are so close it’s exciting


    1. Should be fine :), they just want to see the LND case number on your embassy letter! It’s really straight forward, try not to over think it. As long as you have all your paperwork and answer questions honestly and openly – you’ll be fine! Take care and good luck!


  6. Just on my way back from my Embassy appointment, I passed! Was very quick and straightforward and just mainly asked about how we met, who came to see who, how many times I had been there and about him coming here to meet my family. 🙂 I was so relieved and overwhelmed I had been shaking the whole time with anxiety!

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