EAD/AP Approved 2017: Receiving NOA2s and Combo Card

I’m so happy to say that I have been APPROVED for my EAD/AP! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process, is the temporary work and travel permit you receive whilst your green card application (AOS) is processing.

Living in New York state means that I’m looking at a couple of months wait for my AOS to be adjudicated as it’s one of the busiest processing offices, so it was really essential that I applied for the temporary authorisation, to tide me over!

Receiving NOA2

I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday (12/09) to come home to two NOA2 letters stating that I had been approved for both EAD and AP. My online status did not update to reflect this so I was not expecting this at all.

It only took 71 days for me to be approved which was amazing, as recently on average it has been taking anywhere between 90-175 days. Below I have inserted both of the letters I received and as normal have redacted sensitive/personal information.

I was notified on the NOA2 for EAD that I would be receiving the combo card, as it would have ‘Serves as I-512 Advanced Parole’ at the bottom of my card

Receiving the Combo Card

On the Tuesday (12/12) after I received the NOA2s, the EAD/AP was delivered to my home address by priority mail. Below is a picture of what the card will look like if you receive the EAD/AP combo card, which means that this is all you need to travel with if you leave the country.



In other circumstances I have read that people received the EAD card and a paper version of the AP which is what is used to gain access back into the USA.

Should you need to reinstate your EAD/AP (if your AOS process takes that long) keep the notice that they sent your card with, as you can use this to speed up the renewal process. The card has a photocopy of your fingerprint on the bottom right hand side and on the back it also has your photograph and some more personal information.

The card is valid for a one year period. I will get my green card within that one year period, so shouldn’t have to reapply for the the EAD/AP combo card!

So I’m very happy. I am now able to start working, I can go home to visit my family and friends in Scotland and I have photographic ID with my new name on it!

Next steps for me are going to be:

  • Changing the name on my SSN
  • Applying for my NYS driving permit

Both of which I will be doing blog posts about in the future!

Full timeline for EAD/AP & AOS so far can be viewed here.

Lots of Talking, Yaz XOXO. (1)


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