What Happens at the Biometrics Appointment

Today (11/06) I attended my biometrics appointment, so this post will be giving you some insight into what to expect and what to bring with you so that you are prepared.

What do you need to bring?

  • Appointment Letter
  • Government Issued Photographic ID (I took my passport!)

What do you wear? 

  • Everyone was really casually dressed. I wore dark jeans, a grey sweater and a pair of black converse
  • Wear what makes you comfortable and just remember whatever your wearing your top half will be visible in your photograph

What happens first?

My appointment was for 9:00am, but I arrived 10 minutes early which was good as I beat the rush of people who came in shortly after me. I handed my documents over to the lady at the reception desk and she gave me an Applicant Information Worksheet (AIW) to fill out, the information they asked for is as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Maiden Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Eye & Hair Colour
  • Weight & Height

I completed the AIW and gave it back to the lady at reception, she asked me if I had my marriage certificate with me ( I guess to confirm my name change), but I didn’t as I wasn’t told on the letter to bring it. She gave me back all my documents and told me to take a seat again. I was worried at first that they were going to make me come back at a later date with the marriage certificate, which would have been pretty annoying!

Luckily, a friendly man came out of one of the offices and asked for my documents and said he would just need to look up my marriage certificate. This only took a few minutes and then I was directed back to the reception desk to get a ticket number and was seen straight away for processing.

The Actual Biometrics Part… 

I was then brought into an open area which had space for two people to do their biometrics. The lady took my paperwork and asked me to take a seat, which was directly in front of a camera. She asked me to put my hair behind my back and slightly behind my ears and took my photograph.

Then she asked me to come up to the computer where she took all of my finger prints electronically. She first took my thumbs, then all four fingers of each hand together and finally each finger print separately.

Finally she asked me to provide my signature digitally, which I actually had to have a second attempt at – I always screw up on those electronic signing pads, they’re so fidgety!

After that she told me I was good to go, gave me a comment card to fill out about their service and that was literally it.

I was finished by 9:05am, so the whole appointment took 15 minutes!

Do you get any documentation back? 

They give you the AIW back and also your appointment letter which has the following stamps on it:



The first stamp is just to verify that it was you that they confirmed your identity with the appropriate ID. The second stamp is to confirm that you attended the appointment, make sure you keep this letter for your records, so that if for any reason USCIS lose the record of your biometrics attendance you can prove to them that you went.

Next Steps… 

From what I’ve read my USCIS case status for AOS will be updated soon, to “Ready for Interview to be Scheduled” and then it will just be a waiting game to hear from USCIS about my interview date or approval if an interview is not necessary.

Secondly, I should hear back from my EAD/AP. On VisaJourney my predicted timeline for this is round about the first 2 weeks in January 2018. So will just need to practice patience and keep myself busy until I hear back!

Lots of Talking, Yaz XOXO. (1)


11 thoughts on “What Happens at the Biometrics Appointment

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  1. How quickly was the process for the AOS? I came over to the US last month and happy to announce me and my fiancé are getting married a week Saturday! Nervous about starting the process, did you have an interview?
    Sammy xx


    1. Hi Sammy, congratulations! Welcome to the US 😊 The AOS process varies depending on the state you are in. My AOS is still pending as I live in New York and they have one of the busiest offices, so not expecting to hear back from them for a few more months. I was approved for EAD/AP in just over 2 months , this means I can travel and work until I get my green card. Again, time frames on this vary , I was approved very quickly. Good luck ❤️


      1. Congratulations to you too! Did you have to interview or did they just approve you? It is so much money that is what shocked me and Matt at first but we have the money saved in our joint account which is the only use for that account at the moment! We are over in Georgia, I know our K-1 took 5 months in total, just anxious about if we have to interview for the AOS! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! Yup the process is expensive! For EAD/AP an interview is never required for that part. However for AOS, being that we came on a K1 visa, there is a 50/50 chance. Some people get interviewed, some people do not, you will just need to wait and see! I will do a blog post about the next part of AOS once I hear back and if an interview is required or not! X


  2. Hey, how is everything going? Just wondered if you had an interview yet as there isn’t any heads up for what questions you have to answer! Me and Matt are going to be sending off our paperwork hopefully this week coming to get our process started xxx


    1. Hey, good thank you and yourself? Nope, I don’t expect my interview for AOS to be for a while as New York is one of the busiest processing offices. The questions are very similar to that of the K1 I believe. My friend recently had her AOS interview and she said it was really straight forward and the questions were easy as they know each other and the marriage is legitimate. So don’t be worried!


      1. Doing good thanks 🙂 Do you know if it matters if it’s a month or two before you apply for Adjustment Status after you marry in terms of being in the States? Because Matt has to change his status on his tax return, he would need to apply for an IRS number for me as I do not have a social security number, which can take a further 6 weeks, joy! :/ I think it is the only stage of the AOS that got my nerves going again! We are definitely legit but no way to know what exact questions they may ask like any financial stuff or birth dates of family members xx


      2. It doesn’t matter as long as you go married within the 90 day limit 🙂 You just won’t have a status until you apply for AOS, so it may prevent you from doing certain things like getting a drivers license etc. I believe you can get a SSN whilst your I-94 is still valid from your K1. I would do that if you can and it saves you having to wait for it through the AOS process. I already had a SSN from a previous J1 work visa, so can’t provide too much insight into that particular area unfortunately! I think the main thing is to be honest, you’re not going to remember everything, if you don’t know the answer, don’t lie , just say you don’t know. However, from what I’ve read and heard from my friends who have completed their AOS interview, there really is nothing to worry about 🙂 Good Luck!


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