Being Unemployed: How I Keep Busy

As I entered the USA on a K1 Fiance Visa this means that there is a period of time where I cannot work as I need to wait for either my temporary work authorisation to be approved or my green card. For a lot of people that can be a deterrent in choosing this visa and for others like me, it’s not a major issue, as it means you get to be with your significant other faster than the spouse visa route (CR1 Visa).

Don’t get me wrong, I love working as I thoroughly enjoy the line of work I’m in. I have a BA honours degree in business with marketing and have been in the marketing industry since I graduated university in 2014. You can read more about my last job here. However right now I am enjoying having some free time to get adjusted to living in New York, today I’m going to go through how I’ve been keeping myself busy!

Staying Busy… 

Get Set Up – This one can take some time, setting up debit/credit accounts, your phone contract, apply for your marriage license, getting a car etc. It takes a minute for you to get all the necessities from back home, organised in your new country.

Planning the Wedding – Whether you are doing what we did, which was an intimate wedding first and a bigger one later or the full big wedding first time round – you will have loads of things to plan or finalise. This definitely takes up a fair part of your time initially, especially if you have friends and family flying in for the event!

Green Card Application – I’ve done a separate post on this, for anyone that is interested in what it entails! This did take up a lot of time, there was a lot of reading and research involved and then I had to create three packets filled with paperwork and supporting evidence!

Explore -Don’t let yourself stay copped up in the house all day everyday, you will get homesick and lonely! If you’re living near a big city like me, take a few trips there and explore all the major landmarks and site seeing opportunities. As well as that, get to know your local area, your nearest pharmacy, shopping mall, grocery store etc. GET YOUR BEARINGS!

Stay Active – Join a gym, a lot of them don’t require much information to get a membership, just an active credit/debit account to set up your recurring payment! Go out for a walk, take a book and go read in your local park!

Start a Blog or Keep a Journal – I do both and it really gives you something to work on during your time off. Keeping a journal is a nice way to personally document your life and keeping a blog is a really great way to help others and to keep people back home up to date with what has been happening in your life across the pond!

Practice Driving – Set yourself little errands to do each day and give yourself an excuse to go out and practice driving in your local area. It really helps break up your day and will build your confidence on the roads!

Phone Friends & Family – I am 5 hours behind the UK now, so it actually works out really well with keeping in touch with people. I can phone them during the day my time when everyone is at work and it’s not just one person you’re doing long distance with now, it’s multiple! So it can take up a lot of time each week!

House Renovations – This one has been keeping me particularly busy recently! As I’ve mentioned previously we recently purchased a house and it’s a fixer upper. So there’s a lot of renovations needed, most of which we are doing in the next 4 weeks, so that’s kept me fairly busy, with appointments and interior decisions etc!

Hang out with Friends and Family – I’m lucky that I’ve married into a big family and I already have friends here, some through my husband and some via my best friend here, who I met Anthony through! I’ve got two brothers-in-law to hang out with and also friends who get days off during the week as they work weekends!

Give Yourself Weekly To Do Lists- It’s not really in my nature to sit about all day, I wake up at 7am here most week days, have breakfast and go for a shower etc. I don’t really know how to relax, it doesn’t come easily to me, I feel guilty if I sit around doing nothing all day! So I give myself a weekly to do list so that I feel like the week actually has a purpose.

TRY TO ENJOY YOURSELF & RELAX –  I know this one contradicts the previous paragraph, but I have been trying to get better at just enjoying the time off I have because it wont last forever. So I’ve not been getting too stressed out about getting my work permit and taking the time to enjoy not having a job for the first time in years. I’m enjoying the remaining time I have left to get familiar with my new country at my own pace! Try give yourself a day here and there where you just chill out, binge watch something on Netflix, go get a facial or a manicure or whatever you find relaxing!

Lots of Talking, Yaz XOXO. (1)


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