K1 Visa: Full Timeline Overview 2017

Quite a few people have asked me for this, it was originally at the end of my first blog post but thought I’d pull it out onto a separate post so it’s easier to find.

US date format 

01-04-2017 – I-129f sent
01-06-2017 – I-129f received at Dallas, Lockbox
01-09-2017 -USCIS Receive Date
01-16-2017 -NOA1 (SMS & Email)
01-21-2017 -NOA1 (Hard Copy Received)
04-05-2017 – NOA2 (SMS & Email) [86 days from NOA1 to NOA2]
04-13-2017 -NOA2 (Hard Copy Received)
04-25-2017 -NVC Case Received & Case Number Assigned
04-26-2017- Medical Appointment Booked (For 23rd June)
04-27-2017 -CEAC status updated to ‘In Transit’
04-29-2017 -Submitted DS-160 form, applied for police certificate & completed notification of readiness form
05-01-2017  -NVC hardcopy letter received
05-04-2017 – CEAC status updated to ‘ready’ / Interview booked for 30th June and MRV/courier fee paid
05-10-2017 -Packet 3 received from London Embassy (confirmation letter)
05-13-2017 -Police Certificate received
05-18-2017 -Visit to the US for a week (Yes you can visit!)
06-23-2017 –Medical Appointment

06-30-2017 –Interview

The visa was delivered to my home on the 11th of July & my departure date for the US was the 11th of August.

Side Note: We could of scheduled the medical and interview for sooner but as I had a trip booked to the US in May and wasn’t planning to move over until August, we didn’t want the K1 in my passport too early.  Another reason was, that your medical is only valid for a year and as New York  has one of the busiest processing offices for AOS,  I also didn’t want to be in the situation where my medical exam expired whilst I was waiting to hear back from them! That would mean I would need to complete another medical exam when I was in the USA – and they are expensive as hell!

Hope this helps, any questions feel free to comment below!

Lots of Talking, Yaz XOXO. (1)


6 thoughts on “K1 Visa: Full Timeline Overview 2017

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  1. Hi Yaz,

    I noticed your medical exam was 2 months after you booked it. Did you choose to have it that much later? Or did they choose the medical exam and interview date?

    My fiance is from Cambridge and we are currently going through this process so it is nice to hear from another UK citizen!

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    1. Hi Courtney!
      Your medical exam is only valid for a year and because I wasn’t planning on moving over till August and applying for AOS until the end of September , I didn’t need to have it any earlier than that. We also got NOA2 in 3 months so the whole process went quicker than we were expecting and therefore we dragged it out a bit on the other side, to fit in with my moving date etc.
      You choose your own medical and interview date, so if they have availability you can do it as soon as possible 😊
      Congratulations on your engagement and for beginning the process. Yeah it definitely helps getting people’s first hand experiences, by all means , if have any further questions etc , feel free to use the contact form on the get in touch page as it goes straight to my email ❤️


  2. Hello, had any of your followers ever been asked to be finger printed three times. My fiance had her interview on March 6th was asked to come back for fingerprints for the second time on April 2nd now she just got another email they want her to come back for finger prints on May 10th. This will be the third time makes no sense please help


    1. Hi, I’m sorry I can’t be more help but I’ve not had any experience with having to get fingerprints done multiple times, or spoken to anyone that has had this issue during the K1 process. I can’t really advise on this , anything I told you would only be a guess. I would ask your question on the visa journey forum, someone on there will definitely have some insight into your situation! Best of luck!


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