Receiving K1 Visa/Passport from US Embassy – London

I thought it would be useful to do a post about this part of the process as I felt there wasn’t a lot of information available online surrounding what happens after you’ve been approved!

Tracking on CEAC Website

You can continue to track your visa status after the interview on the CEAC website. I’m an absolute control freak/worrier, so naturally I’d been refreshing this everyday, 2-3 times (or 12) to see if anything had changed since my interview on the 30th of June.

On Monday the 3rd of July, my status changed from ‘Ready’ to ‘Application Received’ with an explanation stating that f you have had your interview to check back in two business days. This one threw me a bit because I had been expecting it to change to Administrative Processing (AP) first.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 19.37.52

Due to the 4th of July being the following day and the embassy being closed, I checked back on Thursday the 6th and the status had been updated to AP. This just means they’re finishing everything up and getting ready to issue the Visa. Standard is apparently 1-2 days for London.


However about 1.5 hours later, I randomly checked the status again, as I just don’t have any chill apparently and it had changed to ‘Issued’. This means the visa’s been printed, put in your passport and is ready for the courier to pick up – YAAY!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 13.23.59

Couriered Delivery

I opted for delivery to my house as I am able to work from home and the  pick up location wasn’t very near to me. I received an email in the afternoon on Monday 10th June with the tracking information. I checked online and it stated that my passport would be delivered the following day (Tuesday 11th).

My passport arrived at 2-pm on the Tuesday. I signed for it and the courier gave me back a package, enclosed was my passport with the K1 Visa & the big white envelope to hand to immigration at Port of Entry (POE) in the USA – DO NOT OPEN THIS!! 

It was such a relief to finally see the K1 in my passport!! I’ve got 2.5 weeks left at work, followed by 2 weeks of free time, to get organised for my move on the 11th of August – SO EXCITED!!

My POE: JFK, New York

I’ll make sure to do another post about my experience once I’ve arrived and settled in a bit!

Lots of Talking, Yaz XOXO. (1)


5 thoughts on “Receiving K1 Visa/Passport from US Embassy – London

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  1. Thanks for all of the information the K1 Yaz, it’s brilliant to have such a detailed description! I’m just embarking on the journey from Ireland, we are getting our I-129f organised at the moment. Best of luck with your move 🙂


  2. Yaz,

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of this info on your experience. My fiancé has just had her interview for the K1 on Tuesday, April 10th in London. We didn’t even know about the online checking status you posted about until I found your blog, so that was super helpful and encouraging to see the status changes! Our timeline was the same as yours as in it said online that her visa was issued on Thursday, and so from reading your posts we prayed that it would be the same and we would get the email that it has been handed to the courier on Tuesday. Thankfully enough, at 3pm today (just 10 mins ago) we got the email that it has been handed to courier and will be delivered tomorrow! We couldn’t be more relieved and thankful! We actually plan to travel to the US on Friday the 20th, so this was great news that we would be able to make that date.

    Anyway, thanks for this and for giving us a reference to look at and hope for! ❤ much love!

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